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      Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) : M-V340


      World Smallest and Lightest IMU V340 to enable creativity and the design of innovative products

      Wide dynamic range! (450dps / 5.8G)

      Click Here and Download Full Data sheet


      Features List of M-V340
      Product Name M-V340
      Small Size, Light Weight 10 x 12 x 4 mm, 1grams
      Low Noise, High Stability Gyro Bias Instability 3.5°/hr
      Angular Random Walk 0.17°/√hr
      6 Degree Of Freedom Triple Gyroscopes ±450 °/sec
      Tri-Axis Accelerometer ±5.8G
      Data Resolution 16bit
      Digital Serial Interface SPI / UART
      Factory-Calibrated Stability Bias, Scale Factor & Axial alignment
      Data Output Rate to 1kSps
      Calibration Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C
      Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C
      Low Power Consumption 16.5mA (Typ.) @ 3.3V


      • Vibration damping of cameras, antennas and other stabilizing systems
      • Attitude control of unmanned aircraft and unmanned systems
        • e.g., unmanned aerial, underwater, and ground vehicles
      • Measurement and control of vibration and attitude of industrial machinery and equipment
      • Body motion sensing in fields such as medical and rehabilitation

      Technical Information

      Typical Performance Characteristics

      Gyro Allan Variance Characteristic (N=9)

      • Data Output Rate : 125 Sps
      • Average Filter TAP : N=16

      Gyro Allan Variance Characteristic

      Accelerometer Allan Variance Characteristic (N=9)

      • Data Output Rate : 125 Sps
      • Average Filter TAP : N=16

      Accelerometer Allan Variance Characteristic

      IMU:M-V340 Document

      Evaluation Board Document

      Epson prepares 2 types of IMU evaluation Support for easy installation in customer's evaluation environment.

      For PC/Logger Evaluation

      USB Evaluation Cable (M-C30EV041) Data sheet PDF (215KB)

      USB Evaluation Cable Interface Board (M-V34EV021) Data sheet PDF (375KB)

      For User System Evaluation

      Evaluation Breakout Board (M-V34EV011) Data sheet PDF (210KB)

      For the Evaluation at PC, EPSON prepare "Logger Software" for quick and easy evaluation.
      For "Logger Software", please visit our Evaluation Tools website.


      For more technical information on IMU:M-V340, please see our Contact page.

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